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Dr. Martens Men's Ironbridge MG
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You’re new to the world of welding, and you’ve researched everything you possibly can when it comes to accessories and other items you must purchase; however, there’s one thing you might have forgotten, and that’s because you typically don’t see or use these with your hands: the best welding boots. If you thought you were going to wear your normal shoes, think again, as not only is this unsafe, but you could lose your job due to liability issues. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of buying the best welding boots, factors you should consider before purchasing the best welding boots, along with tips you should know before buying the best welding boots.

The Benefits of Buying the Best Welding Boots

It’s no secret that welding boots aren’t at the top of any list when purchasing accessories and items, but it should be known that they’re pivotal in the performance and healthy success of your job. Don’t put your company or job on the line by not being prepared! Those who deal with overhead welding will find more benefits than not with the best welding boots, in comparison with others.

It’s safe to say that one of the many benefits of purchasing the best welding boots includes the ability to keep your feet safe. Now, this isn’t a secret, as we mentioned, but it’s one of the key selling and marketing points of owning welding boots. You’re probably wondering what else there could be in terms of benefits of wearing, and we’ll discuss those momentarily. Here’s a quick rundown of benefits of the best pair of welding boots:

  • Thick material to disable metal shards from puncturing
  • Protects ankles against molten metal splashes
  • Protects toes from becoming harmed, reduces painful bumping or stubbing
  • Reduces the possibility of electrical shock
  • You won’t be a liability to your company or disable yourself from working
  • Great for overhead welders

Another benefit of wearing the best welding boots is that they are non-conductive. The reason you need non-conductive footwear during welding is to prevent your feet from being exposed to any type of electrical hazards, which are more common than you think, despite taking all of the proper measures to ensure safety around your workspace. Electric shock isn’t uncommon, and welding boots ensure the reduction in a potential shock of sort. Of course, there are only so many volts that a boot can protect against, but it’s quite high. In return for having the best welding boots, you should also ensure that safety is a top priority in your facility and also conduct maintenance or prevention methods when it comes to electrical shocks.

Buying the best welding boots isn’t only about your feet. In fact, exposure to ankles is equally as bad, and you’ll be able to prevent molten metal from splashing onto your ankles. Welding boots that are heat resistant will not only prevent this, but save yourself a trip to the E.R and reduce the potential for you to be a liability for your company. Beyond this, another advantage includes the inability for metal shards to puncture through the material of the best welding boots, ensuring that you won’t have any injuries post-welding, either. The best type of material for welding boots includes leather, to further encourage the elimination of metal shards puncturing through your boots.

Factors You Should Consider Before Purchasing the Best Welding Boots

Before anything, try looking at the type of welding you do. In the aforementioned section, we highly encouraged overhead welders to take advantage of boots, as they will protect your feet indefinitely. In our next section, we’ll talk about things in the boots that you’ll want to consider purchasing, as you’ll want to protect your feet from more than falling debris. Without your feet, you can’t stand properly to finish your job, and when you hurt yourself on the job, you become a liability to your job.

Tips to Know Before Buying the Best Welding Boots

Because of the angles of overhead welding, and knowing that sparks and debris may fall on your feet, you should invest in the most practical and safe welding boots possible. There are things you should look for in the best welding boots, and a metatarsal guard is one of those – since they protect the top area of your feet. Beyond this, you can also utilize built-in pieces like a steep toe cap to ensure that you won’t stub or hurt your toes as your working, which can cause you to harm yourself further with your weaponry – ahem, welding tools.

It’s important to get a boot that isn’t going to melt easily and throw toxins into the air, as the fumes can be highly toxic. Boots that have cheap plastic should be a NO GO! The aforementioned is due to the ability for the plastic to melt around such hot temperatures, causing the plastic to potentially burn into your skin. When you’re purchasing a great pair of welding boots, you should go for the ones that are of leather composition, as these tend to be much sturdier.

Purchase a set of welding boots that have a high ankle to ensure you’re not going to get splashed on your ankle. When you get splashed on your ankles with molten metal, you won’t be able to comfortably wear proper footwear, disabling you from being able to do your job for the time being. Leather material protects against the insane heat that comes from welding, and the previously mentioned material should be one that is at the top of your list when purchasing the best welding boots.

Any type of footwear that isn’t cut resistant is a piece of footwear that isn’t worth the purchase. Since you’ll be working with metal shards all day, it’s extremely important that you choose a boot with the proper protection against sharp objects. Without, your shoes may not be sturdy in general, causing you to have to get a new pair rather quickly, while putting the health of your feet at risk.

Make sure your boots fit properly, or else the aforementioned benefits won’t matter. Tripping and harming yourself is a possibility when you don’t take the proper precautions when purchasing the boots. Basic tips to know include the following:

  • Quality construction, leather composition
  • Make sure the welding boots fit properly
  • Walk to ensure that it fits perfectly, and determine what type of a break-in period there will be
  • Ensure that there is foot clearance that is sufficient
  • Recommended that you purchase a steel toe welding boot
  • Arch to ball fit is pivotal when purchasing the best welding boot, for proper toe room

Now, we’ll look at some of the best welding boots reviews, along with our final verdict (recommendation from the list).

Best Welding Boots Reviews

Timberland PRO Men’s 53530 8” Metguard Boot – Steel Toe

Timberland PRO Men’s 53530

First on our list is a manufacturer that once made the most popular boot (in pop culture and the workplace!). Timberland is a reliable brand providing fantastic welding boots that boast a number of features. Some of these features include the forth coming:

  • Leather composition
  • Rubber sole included
  • Met guard and waterproof
  • High top included for ankle protection
  • Wide size chart

The Breakdown of the Features

With such a large size chart, along with the general composition of the boot, you’ll be able to wear these boots for years to come. Composed of a leather material and a steel-toe bit, you’ll be able to protect your ankles and your toes from becoming harmed during the welding process. The met guard on the shoe ensures optimal protection, and the waterproof aspect reduces the risk of electrical shock, as we mentioned in the sections above – a risk that welders are sometimes put at.

The Advantages of the Product

One of our favorite advantages of this boot is that it does have a steel toe included, along with a met guard, and a waterproof leather composition. Not only will you be a bit more protected from electrical shock than normal, but you have optimal top of foot protection, along with a high-top boot to cover your ankles for molten metal and other sharp objects. Another advantage is that the fit is typically as expected (reported by more than 90% of people), and when you do find your size in men’s (if you’re a female), you’ll be able to wear comfortably, and with ease.

The Disadvantages of the Product

Sometimes it sucks being a female in a male dominated industry, as it’s hard to find unisex boots or female boots at all. The aforementioned boots are dubbed “mens” boots, but if you’re seasoned in finding your size in men’s boots, you’ll be able to purchase these just fine; however, those that have never purchased in a men’s size will have to convert their normal size and find it on their size chart. While not a true disadvantage in terms of how easy it is to convert sizes, you might want a fit more catered to you.


Dr. Martens Men’s IRONBRIDGE Welding Boot

Dr. Martens Men's Ironbridge MG

Another manufacturer that provides great boots for welding and for typical wear, these Doc Martens may be at the top of your list. Features of the aforementioned include the forthcoming:

  • Synthetic sole
  • Water resistant, leather that’s full grain
  • Ballistic mesh collar that’s padded
  • Slip resistant to more than water
  • Insole that’s removable

The Breakdown of the Features

Featuring a removable insole that’s noted as “Smartmask”, you can cater your welding boot experience to exactly what you need. Beyond this, the synthetic sole and leather composition are actually quite comfortable. Being slip resistant to petrol, fat, oil, and alkali means that water will be no trouble for you, and the by way, the boot is water resistant – even though it’s full gain leather! There are a variety of sizes and the price point is quite attractive, especially in comparison with other boots that are as well known as Doc Marten. Coming in both black and brown colors, you should be able to utilize the aforementioned met guard boot with ease, and never have to worry about protection against your feet again.

The Advantages of the Product

One of our favorite features of this boot is that safety is a top priority, and you don’t have to worry about slipping in oil, petrol, alkali, or fat – let alone water. The aforementioned shoes have a composition that disables you from slipping on said liquids. Beyond this, the leather is not only full-grain, but water resistant. Lastly, the inclusion of a leather ballistic collar that’s mesh and padded ensures that the top of your foot is comfortable and protected.

The Disadvantages of the Product

While Doc Martens are typically known for their style in pop culture, the padded collar is a bit of an eyesore. Although, we think you should favor safety and protection over aesthetics, but the lumpiness of the padded collar (ballistic mesh) may be annoying for you; however, the aforementioned does keep you extremely safe, and isn’t something to bat an eyelash at! We don’t think this should negate the performance for the boot by any means. We will say that one more disadvantage could be that the ankle is a little too low for those that want high-top comfort and safety. If you’re taller and need more coverage, you may have to look elsewhere.


Delta Panoply Cobra Men’s Welders Safety Boots

Delta Panoply Cobra

Manufactured by Delta (not the airline, of course), these welding boots boast safety and comfortability, while being a bit sleek with style. Features of the aforementioned welder’s boots include the following:

  • Sewn seems of Kevlar in the composition
  • Leather materials used
  • A cleated sole that’s slip resistant
  • Resistant to shock, and even crush proof thanks to the steel toe cap
  • Velcro metatarsal flap

The Breakdown of the Features

Need something leather with a material as reliable as Kevlar? With Kevlar sewn into the seams of the welding boots, you’re going to want to purchase this immediately, as the strength within the seams are fantastic. The inclusion of a cleated sole that’s slip resistant ensures that you’re not going to be slipping on those various liquids (water, oil). Beyond this, above mentioned boot is resistant to shock, and even features crush-proof capabilities. The cleated sole ensures that you won’t be falling on any types of liquids, and you’ll have an added shield of protection.

The Advantages of the Product

There are quite a few attractive benefits in using this pair of welder’s boots. One of the many include the shock resistance, the crush-proof capabilities, and even the Kevlar that’s sewn into the seams of the boot. In having these features built-in to such a small package, you can almost guarantee a seamless welding experience. We say “almost” because the wearer of the boots must take some responsibility for their safety! For optimal wearing, there’s also a Velcro metatarsal flap for added protection and ease of use as you put on.

The Disadvantages of the Product

If you’re wanting something (NEEDING) a shoe that has a high-top design to protect your ankles against molten metal and sharp objects, you’ll unfortunately have to purchase another pair than this one – or, you can find something to wear underneath your clothes (like high socks) if you really must have these. Although, regardless of the high-top, mid-top, or low-top, the construction of this shoe is supreme and is a frontrunner in the genre of welding boots. We will state that the lack of a high-top ensures more flexibility for those that need it, and the inability to crush your foot in this shoe sells itself.


Timberland PRO Men’s External Met Guard, EXCAVE Work Boot

Timberland PRO Men’s External Met Guard

Marketed more as a “work boot”, but definitely capable of beating a welder’s boot, the aforementioned Timberland boots boast a number of features and are at an attractive price point for what they offer – especially when you compare to the first Timberland listing. Features include the following:

  • Synthetic sole
  • Leather material
  • Steel-toe with added padded collar
  • Met guard overlay for optimal impact protection
  • Lace up front underneath padded collar

The Breakdown of the Features

With measurements including: 5.75” shaft measurement from arch, 1.5” heel measurement, and 1” platform measurement, you’re going to be able to fit comfortably, and with ease. Beyond this, there’s a met guard that protects from falling debris and puncturing, while eliminating the possibility of tripping over your own untied laces. The composition of this boot includes steel-toe in the front, with a leather textile composition. The black coloring of this boot is broken up by a dash of orange boldness, and comes in a variety of sizes.

The Advantages of the Product

One of the hidden advantages to this boot is that since it’s lace up, you’ll need protection against unlacing while working. Because of this, the met guard doubles in protection and in unlacing – you won’t have to worry about your foot becoming punctured, and you won’t have to worry about tripping as you use these boots. The traction on the bottom allows you to walk freely without worrying if you’re going to fall, as the slip resistance is pretty decent – although not marketed as a key feature for this pair of welding boots.

The Disadvantages of the Product

If you’re a female, you’ll have to find your size in men’s, converting from yours, as these aren’t unisex – the Excave is “men’s”, but has a lengthy size chart for those that need it. Another disadvantage of this product is that it doesn’t have full ankle protection like a high-top would, although, this type of low-top boot adds more flexibility than your standard high-top welding boot.


Rhino Welding / Work Boot, – 6MS01

Rhino Welding / Work Boot, - 6MS01

Last on our list is a solid work/welding boot from Rhino. Fantastic in price point (and may cause you to impulse purchase), we highly encourage you to check out the forth coming features:

  • Rubber sole, leather composition
  • Shaft measurement of 6-inches from the arch
  • Leather upper that’s genuine
  • EH approves safety outsole
  • Metatarsal flap that’s external
  • Rugged, oil and water slip-resistant outside

The Breakdown of the Features

One of the key selling points of this boot is that it’s slip resistant against liquids like oil and water. While oil tends to be more slippery than water, you’ll be able to walk over and not worry about it on the bottom of your boot. Beyond this, the upper is genuine leather, and the general structure of the boot is composed with leather – and even a rubber sole for maximum use. The external metatarsal flap ensures that you won’t have to worry about slipping from untied shoelaces, along with preventing puncturing from the top of the foot.

The Advantages of the Product

Our favorite advantage of this product is that the Electrical Hazard (EH) on this shoe has an approved outsole for optimal safety. Beyond this, the aforementioned welder’s boot is ASTM I/75 and C/75 approved for optimal safety while using. The rubber rugged composition is slip resistant, as well – to oil and to water, so you won’t have to worry about getting your boots dirty and watching where you walk in the workshop.

The Disadvantages of the Product

We can’t find too many disadvantages of this boot, but for those that are female will need to convert their size properly. Thankfully, the fit is “as expected” for the most part, and you shouldn’t have any worry if you properly converted your size! While not a true disadvantage, it’s something that can be worked around and should be thought of before purchasing.


The Final Verdict

Now that you’ve been overwhelmed and thrown a ton of information, you may want to peep the most recommended from the aforementioned list. If you’re interested in a quality boot that’ll protect your toes and your ankles, you’ll want to look towards the Timberland PRO series for their 53530 steel toe boot. If you’re a seasoned welder, you’ll know that the price is just right, but for those that are unsure of their budget for boots, we still think you should peep this boot.

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